Solid Plastering

Solid Plastering can provide a number of different high quality finishes for your home or building. It is durable, soundproof, abrasion resistant, fire resistant and is a great insulator.

We specialize in traditional sand and cement solid masonry plastering across a range of applications including:
– New builds
– Plastering over bricks, blocks and concrete surfaces
– Building restoration
– Shop fronts
– Repairing solid plastering
– Matching existing solid plaster
– Fireplaces

Gib Stopping

We can cater for all gib stopping applications including:
– New builds
– Additions
– Alterations
– Patchups and repairs
– Skimming over wallpaper to prepare for painting over the top
– Skimming existing or damaged walls, refinishing the for repainting
– All types of gib cove

Total Solution

Should you require paint work as well we can arrange this through our contracted painter, providing you with a total solution and only one point of contact.