BULLITT iDENTITY is designer Mikael Pyy.

The Whole Package
I can do all marketing activities for your company – graphic design (packaging, logos, catalogs and more), advertising, branding, web design, social media etc.

I have a Master’s degree in International Marketing with a specialisation in Branding. I have held marketing positions in Finland, USA and New Zealand. And now I am doing what I like to do the most: Creating brands and giving them an online home (website).

After 8 years in New Zealand we have moved back to Europe and we now live in Maastricht, Netherlands.

I build search engine friendly websites for businesses worldwide. I can help you take your business online and make it look good. I’m happily working with clients from anywhere in the world.

PS. I like motorcycles.


Contact me for a free quote or with any questions regarding my services.

Thank you.



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